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Do Federal Regulations Violate the Constitution?

April 15, 2013


The Myths  The current regulatory environment does not violate the Constitution.  Numerous federal agencies writing enormous amounts of regulations does not violate the Constitution. The fact these regulations are given the force of law even though none of them are passed through the normal legislative process does not violate the Constitution. Any law passed by […]

Do Executive Orders Violate the Constitution ?

January 12, 2013


The Myths Presidents can issue executive orders that are legally binding on the general public.  These executive orders are backed by the full force of law just like laws passed through the formal legislative process.  A president can use executive orders to go around congress. The president can use executive orders to modify laws passed […]

Is Social Justice Compatible with our Constitution?

July 7, 2011


The Myth Social justice is entirely compatible with our Constitution. It does not violate any provision or principle of the Constitution. The Truth Social justice is based on fundamental set of philosophies that is the direct opposite of the fundamental sets of philosophies our Constitution is based on. These two sets of philosophies are in […]

Does ObamaCare violate the US Constitution?

June 25, 2011


The Myth The individual mandate of the new National Health Care Law does not violate the Constitution because it is authorized by the commerce clause. The health care law in itself is authorized by the general welfare clause. This law does not violate the Constitution in any way. The Truth The Constitution in no way […]

What does the Supremacy Clause mean?

June 18, 2011


The Myth All laws passed by the Federal Government are the supreme law of the land. The Supreme Court is the final and absolute authority when it comes to determining the constitutionality of federal laws. Until the Supreme Court declares a law unconstitutional all individuals and States are bound by that law. The Truth According […]

Did the US Constitution create a National Government or a Federal Government?

May 28, 2011


The Myth The government created by the United States Constitution is a powerful “national” government with political authority concentrated in Washington DC. The States are mostly controlled by Washington DC. This national government can pass any laws it wishes and the States must comply. These laws can touch each and every individual living in this […]

Are Supreme Court decisions really the law of the land?

May 18, 2011


The Myth To determine the Constitutionality of any law,  previous Supreme Court decisions are the final and absolute yardstick all laws are measured against. These past decisions are called Supreme Court Precedence. The Truth The actual text of the Constitution is the final and absolute yardstick all laws are measured against. When the Supreme Court […]