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How did the framers of the Constitution define “States’ Rights”?

August 7, 2011


The Myth This whole notion of States’ Rights is nothing more than code words for slavery and segregation. If you are talking about State rights you are a racist. The Truth Southern States did in fact use the phrase States’ Rights as an excuse to justify slavery and segregation. However this was only the excuse […]

Does ObamaCare violate the US Constitution?

June 25, 2011


The Myth The individual mandate of the new National Health Care Law does not violate the Constitution because it is authorized by the commerce clause. The health care law in itself is authorized by the general welfare clause. This law does not violate the Constitution in any way. The Truth The Constitution in no way […]

Are we really a Democracy?

May 11, 2011


The Myth The government of the United States is a Democracy. The Truth The government created by our Constitution is a Republic, not a Democracy. The framers of the Constitution feared Democracies so intensely they created a brand new form of government called a Constitutional Republic. The Facts Before writing the Constitution our founding fathers and […]

Is the Constitution really a living breathing document?

May 4, 2011


The Myth The meaning of the US Constitution changes over time because it is a living document. The meaning must evolve with the changing political climate. The Truth This is a dangerous doctrine that has done great damage to our individual liberty and the prosperity of our nation. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of […]

What does “Limited Government” really mean?

May 2, 2011


The Myth  If you are in favor of a limited government you want the United States to turn into Somalia. The Truth  When a member of the Tea Party refers to limited government they are referring to the federal government only. The Constitution created a federal government that is limited to specific powers that are […]

Can the President really use the EPA to enact Cap and Trade?

April 30, 2011


The Myth The president can use executive departments such as the EPA or Health and Human Services to issue rules and regulations that have the full force of laws.  The Truth According to the Constitution the legislative branch of the US government is the only branch authorized to write and pass laws. The legislative does […]

Does the Federal Government have complete control over the States?

April 25, 2011


The Myths The Federal Government has complete control over the States. The States must comply with all laws passed by the US Congress. The Federal Government can own and control land inside of a State and determine how that land is used. The Truth The States must comply with laws passed by the US Congress […]