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What does the Supremacy Clause mean?

June 18, 2011


The Myth All laws passed by the Federal Government are the supreme law of the land. The Supreme Court is the final and absolute authority when it comes to determining the constitutionality of federal laws. Until the Supreme Court declares a law unconstitutional all individuals and States are bound by that law. The Truth According […]

The First Amendment guarantees you freedom of religion not freedom from religion.

June 6, 2011


The Myths No one who is paid by any government agency, at any level of government, may lead others in prayer or use any religious language in a public setting.  No religious objects such as crosses or nativity scenes can be placed on public land no matter if it is local, state, or federal land. […]

Is collective bargaining a fundamental right that is enshrined in the US Constitution?

June 2, 2011


The Myths 1. Collective bargaining is a fundamental right that is protected by the freedom to assemble clause of the First Amendment. 2. Collective bargaining is one of those fundamental rights that are implied by the 9th Amendment 3. The US Congress is granted the power to establish uniform collective bargaining laws by the commerce […]

Are Supreme Court decisions really the law of the land?

May 18, 2011


The Myth To determine the Constitutionality of any law,  previous Supreme Court decisions are the final and absolute yardstick all laws are measured against. These past decisions are called Supreme Court Precedence. The Truth The actual text of the Constitution is the final and absolute yardstick all laws are measured against. When the Supreme Court […]

Entitlements are what make us a great Country? Really Mr. President?

May 13, 2011


The Myth According to our President we would not be a great country without Social Security, Medicare, ObamaCare, and all the other multitude of entitlements. The Truth Our Country has been great since its very beginning and entitlements, which are relatively new development in our country’s history, had absolutely nothing to do with that. Instead […]

Are we really a Democracy?

May 11, 2011


The Myth The government of the United States is a Democracy. The Truth The government created by our Constitution is a Republic, not a Democracy. The framers of the Constitution feared Democracies so intensely they created a brand new form of government called a Constitutional Republic. The Facts Before writing the Constitution our founding fathers and […]

What does the General Welfare Clause really mean?

May 9, 2011


The Myth The Constitution grants the Federal Government the power to forcibly confiscate wealth from one group of individuals and transfer the wealth to another group. The method authorized for this confiscation of wealth is taxation and the method for its distribution is welfare, Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare. This transfer of wealth is authorized […]